Looking For Vocals

i’m looking for some vocal speech, lyrics, whatever to twists and alterate for use in some test music, my mic really doesnt cut it as far as sample quality goes :P

any idea where i could find that ? :blink:


You could try downloading ‘accapellas’ off kazaa or sampling them from cd’s (sometime available on b-sides) Also, programs such as ejay carry lots of vocal samples! You could always buy a copy, get the samples, and take it back as its a bit shit really. Make sure you effect them or cut them out of all familarity though! :D it could be embarrasing otherwise…

If you want dialog from movies go to http://www.moviesounds.com/
They have samples from:
2001: A Space Odyssey",
12 Monkeys ,
The Fifth Element
and various other movies. :rolleyes:
They are copyrighted but you can use them for your personel use.