Looking for VST recommendations (similarly to these developers)

I have recently grabbed the complete collections from Tokyo Down Labs, Sonic Charge, and Sugar Bytes. Next on my list are u-he, Kilo Hearts, Freakshow Industries (I have “stolen”, they offer these, licenses but would like to support them by buying them), Klanghelm, and Stillwell Audio. The general aesthetics, sound, and lack of iLok (etc.) of these developers appeal to me. Does anyone have any suggestions for developers similar to any on this list? I like smaller developers (I use Renoise and Reaper) and unique designs.

Currently Own (looking for similar developers):

  • TDR (Tokyo Dawn Labs) Gentlemen’s Collection (incl. De-Edger)
  • Sonic Charge (complete collection)
  • Sugar Bytes (Sugar Bundle 10)
  • Voxengo (VIP Membership / All Plug-Ins)
  • KiloHearts
  • Glitchmachines
  • Freakshow Industries
  • Klanghelm
  • Audio Thing (many, but not all; yet)
  • Audio Damage (VSTi)
  • Klevgrand (Brusfri)


  • D16
  • MeldaProduction
  • sknote
  • toneboosters
  • Stillwell Audio
  • u-he

EDIT: added formatted list for TLDR viewing as well as a list containing current recommendations from this thread.

EDIT: Added Voxengo and Glitchmachines

EDIT: Added Kilohearts to owned


D16 makes great stuff


Check out MeldaProduction their plugins are cool if you can work with the user-interface, also they have a useful free bundle.


my collection so far:

  1. TDR all plugins > eq, dynamics, mixing/mastering
  2. Eventide ultraverb > spaces in general
  3. d16 decimort, devastor (i do not even use them because of airwindows
    derez2 for example)

you should check sknote, toneboosters…
(i’m now picking some toneboosters plugins, thanks for reminding me :P)

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These are great recommendations so far. Hadn’t heard of several of these. Time to add to my list of plugins to buy.