Looking for weyheyhey's .xrns files

I expect to get a bit of backlash from this given his controversial outcome.
Neither do i know if this is the appropriate place to ask, however;

I’ve been fascinated with his techniques and music for a while now, just unfortunately got into his music a little too late.

It’s been a dream of mine to source out these old xrns files of his to look into how he made his tracks.

These would’ve been under: http://www.weyheyhey.uk/rns, weyheyhey.com/final_pub.zip
But no archiving site has these and there’s seemingly no trace of these anywhere.

So if anyone’s willing to share these or knows where to get them I’d be more than happy.


Did anyone reply? I also searched and found nothing.

Unfortunately not. Still on the lookout though and will definitely post updates if i do find anything.

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Following up with some good news:

After a bit of digging and asking around, the files that would’ve been found over at “weyheyhey.uk - Informationen zum Thema weyheyhey.” have surfaced.

I have uploaded these over on GDrive for anyone else who might be interested in having a look at these
(the .rar file contains said .xrns files and his sample packs 1-3):

Cheers and Happy Tracking :slight_smile:

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Cool thanks!