Looking Into Getting A New Windows Laptop

any suggestions on a good mean machine laptop.
I have been pondering an HP.

suggestions or things to look out for?


I own HP Pavilion zx5078cl. I compared it to my PC running @ 3.2 GHz (HT) and it consumes about 10% CPU resources more than PC (I switched both to Direct X driver while testing).

Be sure to check is the laptop noisy (mine is a little bit) and how it heats-up during the stress-tests procedures and games.

so you would not reccomend an HP?

what other brands give the option of a 7200 speed HD?

Are there not lots of laptops you can get that have been built for the needs of a music person? You can check out those prepackaged music laptop deals. And if they charge too much, you can get the basic equipment list and build it yourself… I mean, get the basic computer and install a quiet fan and or faster bus or whatever they do to music-ize a laptop.


what about USB audio, i am still baffled that my p4 2.8 gig with 1 gig of ram using an emagic 2|6 cant play 2 vsts in addition to a few drum tracks.

could this be due to the p4 denormalization bug?

:( :(

I have some qestions that hopefully someone can help me answer.

I am currently using a dell inspiron 5100 with:
XP home
p4 2.8 gig
1 gig of ram.

I am running Renoise as my main audio sequencer.

I am also using a USB audio interface emagic 2|6

I am having trouble with audio and the sound glitching and popping as if it cant handle what is going on in the audio program when i am using 2 vsti’s and some drum sequences for example.

So I am looking for an answer on how to fix this issue…OR a laptop that i could get that would run renoise the best??


try getting a thinkpad …

i have one, and it’s built like a tank.

im me d00d.

Yes, Thinkpads are the bomb, I would go for one of those. There are a lot of people with notebooks on my uni, but the people with Powerbooks and Thinkpads rule the street!

Yes, ThinkPad is the bombdiggity :D