Looking To Buy A Keyboard

Hello folks,

I’m having a second spring with Renoise at the moment. Even though I’m still too self-conscious to let my work spread widely, I feel I want to widen my horizons by adding a simple keyboard to my sparse workstation (consisting of a laptop, some free VSTs and Renoise at the moment :walkman: )

Yes, laptop. With a pretty standard run-of-the-mill sound chip. I wonder if there’s any cheap options open to me… I have little experience in external hardware so I’m not sure what I’m looking for… I just know that my computer is devoid of any form of MIDI port… it has USBs I suppose.

When it comes to the keyboard in particular, I want something with 2 or preferably 3 octaves and a lot of tweaky buttons (8 or more.)

Please, share your wisdom with me. ^_^

Not the wisest of people about synths but I have the roland sh 201 and I like it quite a bit. Lots of buttons, very intuitive, good sounds, good price.

Novation Xiosynth is a little cute synth/midi-controller/audio interface. It’s in fact the best instrument I’ve ever bought for my studio.

If you use your internal sound card, the audio interface in the Xiosynth is definitely a upgrade. It’s everything you need to create music with a laptop… Together with Renoise, of course. :) And the price is highly affordable.

Check out the xiosynth here

There’s also Novation’s X-station. It’s basically a xiosynth, but with more buttons. And it’s a little more expensive. Check out the X-station here