Looking To Get Started With Vst-Programming

Can anyone recommend some good resources? websites, tutorials, books etc.

I have basic (or medium i guess) knowledge of java, c++ and c#

there a good handful or renoise user make vst i know of illformed dblue and wow its in computer music magazine although it seem lua now have tool made for it but still lot of renoise programer type around forum

would be interested as well

i don’t know much about the topic but maybe i can give you a few pointers.

VST is just an interface that tells a program how to communicate with the synth/effect/whatever that you’ve written. i guess what you’re looking for is the audio signal processing aspect of it. if you feel confident about your programming skills then find an audio I/O library, books that cover DSP/filtering and audio programming and some resources on how the VST interface works.
one of the books that i’ve looked into so far is “The Audio Programming Book” by Richard Boulanger and Victor Lazzarini. i think it really covers the basics but maybe there are some better ones.

another way would be to do some research on audio programming languages and frameworks so you don’t have to implement everything yourself but have a more abstract view on what you’re doing with the sound.

I found this thread which seems to give some good pointers on where to start: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=329696

Looks like I’ve got quite a lot of reading ahead of me…

Does Renoise support vst3, or only 2.4? Anyone know?

Right, good to know before I start wasting time on 3. Seems it’s not really supported anywhere

It’s also not exploited anywhere, only in the Steinberg software itself.

I have been looking at this a little myself recently.

Just wanted to jot down these small tips to get the ball rolling for absolute noobs to this like myself, as I spent a bit of time messing around trying to get these steps done (originally with VS2010 and VST 3.0 with limited luck on compilation!). This allows anyone on windows to compile and get looking into the “again” sample plug included in the 2.4 sdk.

  1. Get and unzip the steinberg SDK for VST 2.4. You have to sign up for an account and agree to the terms and conditions:

  2. Download and install the free 2008 C++ edition of microsofts Visual Studio:

  3. find the following directory in the downloaded 2.4 VST sdk:

Open the “again.vcproj” file and Visual C++ should open and take you through a short conversion wizard that will result in the again project being opened correctly.

You can now browse the source code and compile the again.dll correctly from here. For a walkthrough of a slightly earlier version of this code see:

Thats the easy bit out of the way!