Looking to meet for a exchange of ideas and methods

Hello everybody - my name is Acid Puppy, yes, you can call me that.

First of all, thank you all for supporting a wonderful thing, I just love this platform called Renoise, Just adore it thats what! … But lately I have noticed that I get stuck in patterns and certain ways of working, and I really want to break free from them. And instead of searching the web and watching boresome youtubes - I’d much rather find a REAL Renois’er that I can yell at!

What I am suggesting, is, that anyone open for meeting up, discussing Renoise, music production in general (or maybe just for a jam :wink: ) You are all welcome to visit me - and in fact - consider me your friend in Copenhagen, Denmark - open for all fellow aficionados of sound! Come hang Out, let me show you my muses and you can share me yours - lets share our experience IN REALITY :D!!

Yours Truly - Aced Pup

I think that before/meanwhile you meet real renoisers, at least you can go to yell at #renoise irc channel ( -> http://www.renoise.com/chat ) ; - )

I live at Turku Finland and sometimes I go through Copenhagen, so I keep you in mind. And it’s nice to hear about more renoisers there somewhere : - D