Loop automation and modular FX redudant spam

There’s already threads on these ideas, I just can’t believe how they’re not on the front page. We’re so close to having Renoise not just be Renoise, but also Audiomulch and Camelaudio Alchemy all in one (minus the spectral bits). This isn’t even a matter of bloated features, we already have these things in some form already. The Meta devices are more powerful than just about any VST synth’s modulation options that I can think of. I’d rather double or quadruple the price I pay for Renoise than have to deal with rewire, VST plugins, and other wastes of time ever again.

  • Loop start and end automation, maybe including snap to 0 crossing or slices for some granular/wavetable business. That or some other form of advanced native real time synthesis.

  • Modular FX routing. If you’re going to take Ableton’s FX panel then go all the way and give us the effects rack. Sends work but managing 20 or 30 of them isn’t fun.

Thats it, that’s desert-island-with-one-piece-of-software material right there. You can be the Robinson Crusoe of raggacore shitstep. You could resynthesize yourself mumbling into coconuts until you die of exposure or get torn to pieces by a babboon.

I honestly thought renoise was first :D!

I don’t agree with your final strofe but ehh yeah boxing FX would be sickasscoolawesomenice right.

Yeah I really liked this post on designing sound, it would be cool to be able to take some shortcuts to get there with the XY controller and organized little bundles of renoise FX.