Loop link and others

Is there any method like in akai mpc, Tx16wx, tal-sampler etc to re align slice positions?

Say I have guitar chords. Usually auto slicing eat start of sample and keep unwanted tails (string noise etc).


Again a noob question… What is best practice to chop guitar chords (or bass single notes)? What is the exact point to slice?

Is there any envelope preset to cut fade out guitar rythmic chords? What parameter to calculate depending on tempo and time signature for ADSR?

Finally idea or feature:

Say i put 4 clices in a 4/4 loop in 120 bpm. Is there any tool to replace sliced samples?

I can’t mix paste in each S1,… ,S4. If I destructively export S1…S4 maybe I could replace with new ones say K1…K4 but then I loose original positions. I mean like in drum maps, keep original position for slices and replace thems. Maybe I could use a phrase and replace chops?

It would be an interesting idea to have harmonic progressions and choose best samples for production (like in hooktheory.com Keep I IV V VI template and replace sliced samples depended on scale, key signature etc from a select box, lua exercise!)

I started teaching lua in our school through renoise!

Some semi-random thoughts:

Setting the slice snap to a something like 16th note, or crossing, can help with locating a decent slice location.

Slices and stuff are non-destructive. Replacing a sample is not simple; if you delete it you lose all the slice points. : (

The trick is to select the entire sample and silence it, then past-mix the new sample (which presumable is the same duration).

This doesn’t help if you want to replace just a specific slice. I think you’d have to create a carefully constructed mix-paste sample that had audio for the slice you want to replace, and silence for the rest, and then silence just that part of the current sample that has the slice t replace, and then mix-paste. I have never done this. (I tend to do any non-trivial slicing and sample adjusing in Reaper.)

I find it handy, after slicing, to go to the main sample and zoom in on the slice points, and use the “slope” wave modifiers to fade out and in, to remove abrupt sounds.