Loop Marker Automation.

Hereby my suggestion for a loopmarker automation device including;

-loop start marker automation 00 till ff
-loop stop marker automation 00 till ff

It would change my (musicproducing) life!

My suggestion:

Use the search function. This has come up many times, the last one a little over a week ago and the thread is even still on the first page of this forum.



I suggested it some time ago too, and I think BYTE-smasher answered it has been suggested for many times…

Edit: oops sorry… :P

Well… if its suggested so many times, maybe its time to be acted upon :P

funny, isnt it?

the obstacle is resolution, 256 points is too small.

need variable or total bajillion resolution.

I think the sample offset improvement by using 256 user definable positions is the better alternative here.
It will overcome the 256 resolution problem as the position will be stored in a table
Perhaps i should extent this table idea by adding a dropdown to choose for either a one point offset or a loop-range offset.

sample offset position [00] Type [Point] Start [0001425821]
sample offset position [01] Type [Point] Start [0000317946]
sample offset position [02] Type [Point] Start [0000862378]
sample offset position [03] Type [Loop] Start [0001946763] end [00ff67564]

C-401 00 00 0900 -> play offset position 00
C-401 00 00 0901 -> play offset position 01
C-401 00 00 0902 -> play offset position 02
C-401 00 00 0903 -> play offset loop 03

Yes! thats a brilliant idea!
User definable positions, and loops.

Humm, with 256 predefined loop points it would not be possible to continually slightly slide the loop positions in the sample for sound design / experimentation purposes, unless some inertia / interpolation option would also exist.

I don’t think it’s worth the time or effort to make the change. It won’t drastically improve the quality of music being produced with Renoise.

Features are not meant to improve music quality, that is something solely coming from one’s creative mind. features are made to improve workflow ;)


its not the program you use,that “makes” quality music,dont blame the program,blame yourself :D

New Features in software do also allow one to do things one does not have the ability to do or even contemplate doing previously.

This is indeed also how a user selects software.

For instance, just the other day I just found the ability in Renoise to Link VSTI Program Change to the meta-devices. An while it breaks almost all the vsti’s I have, it is indescribable!