Loop Points For Dummies, Anyone?

So here is the thing: I’ve got a nice pad-sample, but it’s way too short for use. Well, with loop points I can artificially extend it… but here is the problem:

Which is a good point to put the loop points into? I really can’t figure it out, and the result is… well: CLICK-nicepadplayinghere-CLICK-nicepadplayinghere-CLICK-nicepadplayinghere-CLICK

Should the loop points be right at the point where this audio-envelope crosses the “zero-line” or at the top of a high peak or at the bottom of a low peak? Or is there a some magic-trick to make those annoying clicks go away?-P

Or should I just give up and start using some fancy VST-synth for pads? (btw. I really hate VST:s :P)

getting nicely looping pads can be a real pain, you’re not alone.
it get’s even more complicated if they are stereo and it also depends on their “vividness” in terms of modulations of any kind throughout the length which is supposed to be looped.

so if your pad is oscillating in some way, you have to keep its oscillation-period in mind when looping. try to figure out where it starts / ends and set your loop appropriately.
using the forward loop, you want to pick start / end points of the same amplitude - it doesn’t have to be at the zero-crossing, but it is ought to be identical at loop start and -end.

pads with low amount of high frequencies are generally spoken harder to loop without clicks than those with a lot of high frequencies, which might cover the pops and clicks of the loops.

after all, there is no rule of thumb to follow that would win it all - it always needs to be fiddled out individually.

Hmm. Sometimes it helps to do the loop in wavelab or similar. You can try to make a tiny crossfade by copying a range from the start of the loop and pasting it backwards with 25% loundness in the end of the loop.

Or you actually use a VSTi to play a sound like that pad and so you can extend the sample-size to whatever you need :)

Ok, nice to hear.

So fiddling around it shall be… that can be really amusing or a real pain in the ass.
Let’s just accept it then :)

if you are desperate and have 40 bucks left …


goto products -> seamless looper.
works miracles in mono and quite well in stereo samples.

unfortunately I’m running on macintosh

Maybe you could upload the sample itself and some of us could take a shot at making it loop nicely?

ping to the pong?

Well it’s not just a one sample.

But I’ve had some luck with looping pads now, just wanted to ask if there is something to make it easier.

And it’s true, low-frequency pads are a lot harder to loop.

I just wanted to make sure that you’re using the special renoise loop-making “zoomed view”.

If you’re not, enable the looping in the sample editor and then click the little magnifying glass icon next to the loop-type drop down list. This will help you to zero in on the zero crossings (pun intended) :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm, FT2 had this very nice crossfade-function in the sample editor, implement anyone? :)

That would be awesome.