Loop Positioner

Sample loop is one of the very few things that can’t be changed while playing. It would be nice if Renoise would have a pattern effect that is for changing the properties of the sample loop of the current sample. These are:

  • Start position
  • End position
  • Loop direction (forward, reverse, pingpong, none)

That would eat up 3 yet unused effect slots (for example F3xx, F4xx, F50x), but it’s pretty needful.

(The user must be attentive that the Start Position never gets greater than the End Position, but that accompanies with this.)

Yes, this would be really cool… and have been suggested a few times before.

I would really enjoy controlling the loop points with midi-knobs. B)

There have been huge discussions about this recently. I still think the neatest way of doing it would be to combine it with user-definable markers :D

Yes i read that. :D

Yes, but how do you position the loop positions? Split the sample into 255 divisions? But don’t you want your loops always starting on a zero crossing? This method is messy…

I definitely agree that there should be more control over loop points… It’s particularly anoying as that’s one of those things you can play with in real time for some interesting effects, but can’t actually program/automate in anyway. :( I guess I could just record the track ‘live’ instead of rendering it though, but that’s gonna be a bit more hassle…