Loop range changes after restarting song

Bug report

When setting up the loop range through the API it works as expected at first but after restarting the pattern, the loop range changes to the closest integer division part of the pattern.

Steps to reproduce

  • Set the LPB to 6 and pattern length to 192
  • Execute renoise.song().transport.loop_range_beats = { 0, 3 }
    – Now the loop goes through lines [ 0 . . 17 ] as expected
  • Restart song with the Play button, Space or Right CTRL
    – Now the loop goes through lines [ 0 . . 18 ]
    – Which is 192 * (1/10) lines instead of 3 beats

Probably not. Does the loop range work in fractions of the pattern length(?) 1/2,1/3,1/4 from the UI etc…

@4tey You are right, it is unrelated to LPB. Tried with setting the range to {0, 5} under 4 LPB and the same issue happens.

The loop range seems to reset to the closest integer division part of the pattern when restarting play.

This is incorrectly identified as a block loop, which, when enabled, will then automatically be updated when starting the song or changing patters, as different pattern length result into different loop ranges with the same fraction. Will be fixed in the next update…

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