loop recording into another track

Hi, I’ve recently moved from Ableton to Renoise. I love it! I’m having a bit of trouble adapting my workflow in one way though, and that’s jamming with my samples (I saw two other threads on jamming in Beginner forum, not what I was looking for). Here’s what I mean:

In Ableton, I’ll work on a tune in arrangement view. If I get stuck, or want to generate some ideas, I’ll copy a clip into session view, add some effects and midi map them, then jam away and record all of this into a new track. That leaves me with a big new audio file where I can snip out any good parts I like and insert them into my arrangement. I’m wondering how I might go about doing something similar in renoise? Basically I want to loop a portion of the tune, and record the output of a single track. I figure that’s a common enough way of working that other Renoisers will already know how to do this!


Too bad, renoise in itself as it is now is unable to resample from itself while playing live… only rendering stuff you put in the pattern is possible.

In these cases plugins like voxengo recorder will help you out a bit, you can generate a loop and wait until all effects have their momentum, then use Voxengo to record the part so that you can reload the recorded sample to disk, reload it and loop the part with all effects in full momentum.