Loop start and end markers: play from start marker ?


When having a start and end marker on a sample, like for instance after having chosen ‘Forward’, is it possible to play the sample directly from the start marker ? What I see is that pressing the keyboard ‘z’ key, the sample always starts playing from the very beginning no matter where the start marker is set.


That’s because it’s a loop marker, not a “start marker”. To sequence the sample using a specific offset, you can use the combination of a phrase andslice markers.

(if you’re simply working in the waveform editor, you can press Return to preview the sample from the selected cursor position):

First, in the waveform editor, put slice markers where you need. Use the keyboard to preview (a drumkit layout is automatically generated while slicing).

Then, switch to the phrase editor, add a phrase and enable the sample column. This will make any slice accessible/playable in any pitch.

If you go back to the waveform editor to adjust slices, don’t forget to (temporarily) disable phrase playback. Otherwise, you will be playing the phrase instead of the slice/drumkit layout.