Looping A Selected Area

I’ve been trying to figure out how to loop inside of a selected area in a pattern… or the area i am working on. I know how to make a selected pattern loop and I know if i do a Shift-Spacebar then the song will play where it left and not start at the beginning of the pattern. Also I know i can use that pattern editor Block Loop set the block loop size to a fraction of the pattern but isn’t there also a way to loop inside of a selected area?

thanks for the help.

You know a lot sideburn! ;)

Unfortunately it is impossible to loop a selected area in pattern. We hope this will be implemented in future.

haha thats funny, i just realized how many times i said “I know”

There might be some workarounds for this. I’ve also missed the ability to loop the song, so I went experimenting with ways of synchronizing Renoise using external software. The results were unusable until the beta 1.9 with improved MIDI came out, but now it seems to be worth trying out.

I am currently making a VST plugin that could possibly control the timeline (song-position) within Renoise, I’ll let post a link when it’s done :slight_smile:

I don’t get it; songs are always played looped unless you use a F000 command.

It would be really nice, I’m looking forward to it.

The fact is that such a simple yet useful feature should not need any workaround or external VST. When it was 1st suggested in this forum, I thought it would surely be implemented in the succeeding version.

Whats the problem with the block loop? The block loop may not allow you to loop every thinkable selection but is then on the other hand a lot easier to use by keyboard commands…

me being new and all found the block loop to be difficult to use but i am starting to get used to it.

at first i would position the curser on the center area of what i want to loop and turn the block loop on but it would skip the section i wanted to hear in the loop. now i just play my pattern and after i hear the note i want to loop on, i turn the blobk loop on and then adjust the fraction control. that seems to work ok.

this is off topic but i found renoise a week ago searching for trackers… a guy ive known of (k-rad) told me he was using a dos based tracker. that was about 7 years ago. i finally dove into the tracker thing and stumbled apon renoise. Previously i always used traditional sequencers (Reason being the most recent) but renoise has pretty muched solved all of the problems I had with them. Mainly syncing up midi tracks and making patterns (copy/paste etc).

This is right up my alley! I love it! I am a software developer and graphic designer by trade but always love making (or at least trying to make) music. Now the only thing holding me back is learning the aspecs of making a song (intros, outros, verses, mixing, etc) not struggling through the tools.

The more i figure out the more amazed i am. and i love the fact that renoise does not come with an arsenal of samples and sounds. I like how I can take a simple waveform and build an instrument off of it.

I have lots to learn but this has definately re-sparked my interests in making music.

One thing I think would be nice would be to have the ability to collapes multiple tracks into a group. Like how photoshop lets you make a group (folder) containing a bunch of layers for example.

So if you have say 4 or 5 tracks that make up your drums/percussion then it would be nice to collapes allthose tracks into one group/track and name it “drums” for example so you dont have to horizontally scroll through so many tracks.

but hey what do I know, I’m pretty much a dumb ass right now. :(

sorry for rambling…

There is no problem with block loop, and it is also designed very flexibly. But in a pattern of 256 lines when you want to check just a glide to note command, it still needs some minor adjustments and it doesn’t start playing at the desired line, but if a selected area in pattern could be played/looped individually you could easily select the desired lines and check them in a very time-saving and user-friendly manner.

Actually I was thinking if users could just start playback from any desired line, testing portions of the pattern would become much easier and faster.

Sorry if I day dream too much! :rolleyes:

YYeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!! :w00t:

Stupid me! How I even didn’t try to search it!? :wacko:

I think the need for looping a selected area is now overruled! :P

EDIT: It seems I’ve played chess this long without knowing the movement of the rooks! :blink: