Looping Patterns

yo. was looking for a keyboard shortcut to loop the selected pattern in the pattern arranger (like when you click on the far left and it turns grey). according to the list of shortcuts, on mac Command L is loop selection, but when i do that nothing happens. apparantly command k is clone pattern but when i do that also nothing happens.

does this work for anyone else? could it be a bug?

This has got to do with the keyboard focus concept.
A few options can be made global by assigning them to the same keys in other areas.
Some controls would be handy to have them in other areas as well… controlling certain arranger shortcuts in other areas is alas impossible at the moment.

actually i dont care anymore because i can do it using = on the numpad

The equal key on the numpad only does block-looping 25% inside one pattern while ctrl-L checks/unchecks the loop-nodes in front of each selected pattern in the arranger.
But i’m glad you rather meanted the block-loop.

yes, that was my initial problem, it doesn’t work for me.