Looping Sample Selection For Perfect Loops...

Hi from here ! :panic:
Renoise-2.8.0B2 rules !
We are close to the edge ! Yes ! ;)

I’m coming back with this new so old request, so I did a copy/paste from an old one… :guitar: sorry !

It would be so great to have the possibility to loop the sample selection in the Sample Editor.

When you are searching for a perfect sample loop inside (long) tracks, you can not loop the selection directly to listen to it…

The “Play Selected Area” button should work also with, when the markers are ON the selection.

Sample playback in the sample editor could improvement. Playing looped (full sample when nothing is selected, otherwise the selection), continue playing outside outside of the current view… are really sorely missing ! :yeah:

Like the loop play mode in Rezound, the great Linux sound editor…for example… :w00t:

We I need a loop mode button !

Thanxs in advance you old guys, you are the best !


You can. Use Loop Markers and set it to Forwards. Now it will loop around the markers as you adjust them. Then Ctrl+L or Select Loop from Context Menu.

I do think that when you turn Loop on it should set it to the Selection if you have one though. Currently it always does the whole waveform.

Try the new crossfade button in the sample editor…

That’s right !

Looped selection should run simultanously with any sample instrument…


I’m back !

I know this is a workaround, but with “rhytmic loops” I usually enter the note into the pattern and listen I as I adjust

I would like if Sample Prehear (Enter) loops too… (you can always then stop it with Esc)
Loop markers and slice markers and selection markers do need better keyboard shortcuts and midi binds though. I’ve been thinking about scripting this

Also Zoom to selection function would rock

It already exists.

Default mapping: [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [S]

my bad

Research samples, sounds, beats…
I think the basic things when you start a new song is to find quickly some samples on a track. We should be able to select an area, and listen to it as we adjust the selection, without triggering it in the Pattern Editor. We should be able of course to change the loop parameters (forward, backward, ping-pong), playing multi samples at the same time, a kind of TerminatorX mode, with also the possibility to change the volumes, to make a kind of pre-mix…Why not rendering the result in a new sample ?
It could be a “Research” mode button to split Renoise in this special mode ! ;)/>/>