Looping Tools have gone missing?


Maybe I just don’t know where these are hidden now, but there are a couple of workflow convensiences that seem to have gone away.

  1. There used to be Loop-In and Loop-Out button under the wave editor that have vanished. These were really handy as I could before just click on the wave and then hit one of these buttons to set the in and out. Similarly, I could select a section and click them and get a loop around the selection.
  2. The loop fine-tuner has vanished.

I know I’m noticing these changes kind of late. Is there a forum discussion about them already ongoing or am i the first/only person who cares that they have gone away?



I Just found the shortcut keys to do #1. So maybe it doesn’t matter. The fine tuner was kind of a cool tool though.

See Give us loop fine editor back