Give us loop fine editor back

as promised during alpha stage, I will never surrender to the disappearance of sample editor’s loop fine editor, as it is an useful addition to the sample tools and I see no reason for it to disappear.

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+1 IT-Alien for president.

I still support for the perfection of the seemless auto-looper as an alternative.

+1000 for the “loop fine editor”!

Regarding x-fade loop: start by making it work, I can’t believe I’m the only one that thinks its broken and useless as is:


…also…where is the scissor, cutting icon in the sample editor? I do a lot of sample prep work, making sample selections and shaving bits off using the scissor with the mouse.

I know ctrl+x works as well, but when mousing around in the sample editor the icon worked fine, I guess part of my workflow.

I want my loop fine editor back

I don’t think I ever used it myself and just by the name of it had no idea what it was, but I can definitely see its usefulness and don’t see any reason for its removal, hence ++this-suggestion.

There is new function that makes very fast fade in and fadeout so i think it is less needed than ever…

  • 1, bring it back.

Fading the sample edges is unnecessary and not at all the same thing.

Besides, end-fading doesn’t work (out well) for looped samples.

+1001 for the “loop fine editor”!


come back, features!

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as well please return buttons for paste mixpaste and trimm!!!


To what extent can this be perfected, realistically?

The fine editor has been invaluable for me in the past - unless I can be convinced of a viable and practical alternative, another +1 here.

At least to a level that is a lot better than it currently is.
One user wanted to make a point of proof by providing a simple python script that does a better job than the one in the Render Plugin to Instrument does.
I’m not want to point towards that example specifically, but just mention that the current method is just a rough processing method that totally misses out on various type of samples

I’ve seen some granular phrase snippets passing around, i haven’t looked into those in detail, but i suspect they mangle with the sample offset commands which is a trick that brings out a pretty good “seemless loop” experience without actually having the sample looped seemlessly…

buy a mouse with a scroll-wheel? *snarky comment


I really miss the fine editor.

Absolutely bad idea to remove it, very important function.
Get it back!