Loops that know where they are

Hey all. First post! I believe I’ve found other posts somewhat addressing this, but can’t seem to find the solution.

I’d like to have several loops prepared, perhaps phrases or as audio, and be able to switch between them, only hearing one at a time. The trick that I’d like to figure out is how to do this in a live fashion without the loops starting from the beginning every time they’re triggered. They would just start from whatever point in the loop they would be at had they been triggered at the beginning of a pattern. I know how to program this with the S commands but I’d like to have a more live way to do this with the computer or midi keyboard.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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In the * Instrument Browser (right pane)
Click the Resource Library button (three standing up stripes)
Modulation - Sample-Swapper.xrni
Modulation - Stepper Device.xrni

You’d have to load samples.
Then set the Stepper Device according to the example; to have 1 extra point as much samples.
Then use a LFO on the track lane, to be connected to (a Hydra device to) a *Instr. Macros device.
The *Instr. Macros device should control the Stepper Device from (sample 1) to (sample last) and then use the Random input from LFO device on track. You can also make other things connect to the *Instr. Macros device, such as a *Velocity tracker device or a *Signal follower device on another channel to a Hydra device set to thisssssss *Instr. Macros device to follow the other tracks’ volume.
The *Instr. Macros device will make the Stepper only play the sample it’s set to when done.
The samples (looped, any time on beat is cool) will not retrigger but loop on.
It’s cool to have 6 beats of Amen, 12 beats of Amen, 8 beats of Amen and 3 beats of Amen.

Thanks so much! This might take a minute to figure out how to actually set up my own steppers and swappers, but this is exactly what I was looking for. Do you know if there’s any way to select the samples from a drum pad or key press instead of the rotary macro knob?

You would do that via the Keyzone tab in the samplers’ instrument layer.
Drum Kit would set each note to 1 sample each to trigger.

So you would make a second instrument layer to control the macro knob which controls the stepper? I don’t quite understand.

It would be possible to program in the Renoise pattern editor
which samples are to be triggered.

If you use a stepper device (to a macro) then that will have another way of (muting the volume or…something else) to select each sample.

If you make a new instrument, and add samples,
you can then use the Keyzones tab of the instrument to select which key plays which sample.
You can also use the Drum Kit knob in the Keyzones, to map each drum slice or sample to a note.

When you use a stepper device, you would not be selecting samples, because they are muted except 1 with the macro knob.

Another possibility is to work with the Renoise maYbe command.

0Yxx will give you a certain chance that a note is played.

-Yxx - MaYbe trigger the line with probability xx. 00 = mutually exclusive mode (will trigger only one note on this line, where the chance of triggering is inserted into the Local FX column, or the volume or panning column using Yx).


Yes maybe Renoise is more made for utilization of the Effect commands. I’d still like to be able to just have a bunch of samples looping at the same time and then choose which sample is unmuted from a piano keyboard by pressing the key. I’m close with the stepper solution, but would like to customize the macro knob so it can be played across a keyboard. Is there a midi note range to knob position select conversion somewhere in this program?

Have you already tried the Duplex tool?
That gives more advanced control for MIDI controllers with pads and knobs.

What you are also maybe asking for, is to have a custom LFO setting for each exact key.

You can also choose a “Mute Group” in the sampler,
you can let the sample play on if you restart it with a note trigger using extra track colums to let the first note roll on and trigger the second one in a new column and add 0Gxx Glide effects if the effect column.