Lose My Marbles Instrumental Preview

I did another music. Wouldn’t mind some feedback before I continue. I still have another unfinished, but this one is way more fun.

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Needs some better arrangement and more of your creepy vocals that I loved but I guess you haven’t finished it yet so l will wait. Merry Christmas

Very good start for a song, curious as to how it will sound finished.

I updated the track, worked on it most of the night . SoundCloud caches tracks so I don’t know if you’ll hear the updated version, you can always clear in app settings or press shift+f5 if you want to hear it, it’s an improvement. The arrangement hasn’t changed, but the mix and the patches have quite a lot.

Thanks for the encouragement on vocals, that one is hard because it takes the right circumstances to perform… good lyrics… lots of inspiration… a lot of vocal tracks I don’t use straight away either and end up importing them in to new projects, where they often sound better… But I’m due a session soon. I’ll take your comment as motivation :slight_smile:

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Sound a lot cleaner but you need to eq some frequencies and the sound is too loud

I’m thinking it’s the hats you’re referring to, but is there anything specific you can point out? I’m mainly producing with a pair of Sony MDR-1As through an amp (and also a Logitech 5.1 system w/ sub). I set the treble boost to high today and everything sounds amazing through my headphones, loads of detail and no distortion whatsoever. I can’t imagine it’s the same for all headphones, I’m guessing in ears have a real problem there, but be interesting to know what you listened on or if there’s anything obvious. My ears are a little tired I guess.

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Yep its the hats and maybe the distortion on the vocals need a bit of eq or lower volume.

Thanks :smile: meantime I’ve uploaded a slightly more dynamic and less limiter driven iteration. .

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I couldn’t wait to finish this one, given that by the time I get around to recording vocals (I didn’t even do that for my previous track yet) I’d have lost momentum.

So… I’m releasing it as-is. I’m hoping it’s a grower that you appreciate more after a couple of listens - though getting more than one listen (or even a single complete listen) is rare with me, judging by the stats lol. That’s not a huge motivating factor. Probably why I didn’t go further with this song, although I really appreciate the words of encouragement as well.

Anyway, here it is :

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(sorry my last post had a typo)

It doesn’t sound incomplete or anything. I like the pad sounds, FM?

I like the pad sounds, FM?

The initial pads are a Serum patch, focusing around PWM modulation, detuned slightly, minimal DSPs. That’s what gives it that crisp, flowing sound I think.

Might as well go on…

The Bass, ‘Trumpet’ and vocal sample are all variations of a single patch I duplicated into 3 instances of Serum. It gave me a little more control over the sound of each element and lends to the rhythmic cohesion between the 3, which I think sounds interesting and works well when played together. Those were all built quite differently.
The bass is fairly standard, the Trumpet was a lot of experimentation with sync and a unique wavetable, the vocal sample I imported directly as a Serum wavetable, threw a bunch of modulation at and played like a synth.

The weird bell / digital sounding bouncy bit is an Oatmeal patch (with it’s inbuilt arpeggiator, it’s fairly versatile) funneled through a couple of lofi mat dsps. One of them has frequency modulation, the other has independent modulation of the dry / wet levels, adds a dynamic element to the sequence.

The drums (which are probably my favourite part of this song) are chopped Balatron break from a Methlab Creative Core sample pack. All their samples are amazing, I’d recommend checking them out if you’re in need of some incredible sounding drums / pads / etc. I used Fabfilter Saturn, which is a multiband distortion / compressor, to shape the drum sound. I don’t follow any set rules so the output can vary. I don’t know what it is about these drums… I don’t use sidechaining and I think that’s probably what puts me at a disadvantage in a lot of cases… but the ratio between amplitudes of the various elements make for a very tight sounding kit.

(That might just be me and my equipment. I know there’s a lot of protruding treble in this version).
EDIT : Correction. ‘Tilt’ had somehow been activated in my analyser. It’s pretty flat. Interesting as I didn’t even look at this when I was creating the song, maybe that explains a few things…

The main synth in the chorus is a detuned complex square / saw through some linear folding distortion. Simple patch, impressive results.

The other sounds are less interesting, and I’m getting a headache, so I’ll stop there… :smile:

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