Loser Producer

Hey Guys.

Maybe this is a nice one?


Have fun with it!


Very good progressive layering of voices.

The harsh edges of the sounds are well rubbed off, including the vocals. The sound is polished and well balanced (on my speakers anyway).

I’m not a big fan of the basic beat, but given the style that’s an acceptable form of cohesion around which you can wrap the other, more varied layers.

You could have done more, maybe, with key changes or some sort of harmonic progression.

The second track strongly suggests the heartbeat of a modern office. The music paints a picture in my mind. The sounds are slightly harsher, but I think that is deliberate.

Again, not a big fan of the very firm lower beat, but it’s true to the genre in which you’re writing. At least it isn’t overpowering.

The general style of the EP is not to provide an overwhelming upper layer, but rather a sonic palette which embraces its rhythmic base.

You could do this again, but find something to fix the attention - a top end hook of some sort, like a high, lyrical female vocal, or a lead element of some sort. But that’s just an idea.

tokyo tower is a nice one !

first one not my cup of unz.

I can`t help it, I like it.