Loss Of Sync / Tuning Tool Tip In Sample Properties

Having recently extolled the virtues of this tool-tip and actively used it myself, I have found that the values have suddenly disappeared!:

I am using Renoise 2.5 on OS X 10.4.11 and haven’t changed any setting that I am aware of, does anyone know why this might have occured?


I don’t believe this was correctly/fully implemented in 2.5, but it does work in 2.6, so perhaps you have been using 2.6 and became familiar with it there?

(At the moment, 2.6 songs will still load in 2.5, so it would be easy to accidentally get the two mixed up I think)

Ah yes, I have been running the 2.6 beta on my windows desktop machine and gotten used to seeing it there. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.