Lost In Concept?

just saying… was great to see the idea of seeing a column for note delays!! but… i kinda miss a note off Column, just next to the Note On Column… without even reading the manual i felt like its simply… missing or forgotten in beta stage?

If you play a chord where the instrument has a long release you want the note to be cut off almost after a couple of ticks. you would now have to edit the note-off command in the next row - where the next chord could be played, so there is no space to enter a note-off command.

of course the Fx command (Cut Note after x ticks) can be used but it feels like a hack.

just my opinion.

This was more or less deliberately left out for now as we have planned for pattern zooming later on.
With zooming in place you can place many notes and note-offs withing the same row. The same is true for pattern fx’s. We just felt that the loss was quite minimal as you now have LPB to increase the resolution.
It’s also a matter of not making the tracks too crowded.

Also how important are super short note offs compared to precise note-ons? This is IMHO not worth the complexity that is added by introducing just another column. And as Pysj said: Zooming, the next step of the note delay feature will solve this anyway, so this would be a temporary hack only… For now you have to increase the resolution with the LPBs.

Ok, cool, makes sense to me what you say. It would make the view crowded indeed. Thanks for your quick reply.

For me the end-point of a note is just as important. I’m a big fan of creating snappy basslines and leads, where having precise note-offs is the “snappy factor”. Right now, I’m using Fx for that, which still does the trick.

Looking forward to zoom eagerly.