Lost In Translation

Translated the Renoise ‘about’-text on the front page to spanish, then french, to italian and then back to english again with the Google translation tool


That’s a good new title for the website, something for the Windows? topic. :lol:


How 'bout these slogans?

Renoise - satisfies the relative necessities
Renoise - supports SOUTHERN ITALY completely

:blink: :blink: :lol:

Renoise - expansibilidad

Aaaah, the many hours of fun we’ve had in IRC putting cheesy 80’s song lyrics through the translator :P

Good stuff.

Renoise - puts literally every parameter and option in its egg yolks of the barretta!

I’ve also put some songlyrics through a translator, swedish lyrics to english. Why aren’t the writers using these tools when they want to make an english version? The results are way better. :P

I can swear on that

(It-Alien, from SOUTHERN ITALY)

I’m sure google had you in mind when including that text! :P

Of course, when it comes to actually finding a sweet slogan, why not just use The Advertising Slogan Generator?

Though, I don’t really think “You’ll Wonder Where the Yellow Went, When You Brush Your Teeth with Renoise.” is a real selling point… <_<

Damn, my slogan generator must be b0rk3n…
It only generates useless stuff… <_<

RENOISE - You just don’t know how good it is. Not even when you have it.
RENOISE - It really whips the noise’s ass
RENOISE - Do yourself a favour

Ok… that’s enough…

Not sure why but I really stick to your “When waves collides”… :)
it reminds me of “When Worlds collide”…
which is indeed quite a powerfull image :ph34r:

i like that one too