Lot of interesting topics seem to be gone!

Was this done for purpose? If I google specific topics in the forum, links are still present, but topic gone:



Also all topics by user OopslFly are gone. The was a nice collection of formulas… Damn!

Hm, I’ve tried WB machine, but only the EQ filter seems to be in. I also still got the keytracker formulas on my pc (in raw form).

No fear, those topics were totally messed up anyways. I’ll soon reup the EQ filters & already plan coding a little lua tool for creating the keytrackers once I find time to wrap my head around it.

There was an unfortunate mishap when dealing with the spammer who sent people inappropriate private messages a few days ago. Both OopsIFly and Abissus unfortunately got caught in the crossfire and had their content removed by mistake. It was a simple human error while moderating the spam reports, and nothing really suspicious (the missing images was just a coincidence).

The forum put quite a lot of posts into a temporary holding state before full perma-deletion took place, so we’ve already restored everything we could recover there, but for some reason it only included the single posts they had made, not the full original topics they had started.

We’re going to take a look into some backups and see if we can restore the remaining stuff manually, but I’m afraid that it might be lost forever at this point.

You can still dig up most of the old topics via Google’s webcache if you know what to look for:

6713 renoise-google-webcache.png

site:forum.renoise.com OopsIFly frequency parameters


site:forum.renoise.com OopsIFly modulation filtering


site:forum.renoise.com abissus freebies



So it may be possible to recover some content this way, although it’s a real pain in the ass if there are a lot of links in the post, since they may be shortened with “…” in there somewhere, so you have to take care and manually copy/paste each link, or rip the HTML and process that, etc, etc.


Thanks Dblue!!!
Will check when i get home.

Is it possible to view a cached version of my profile?