Low earth orbit

(milkyheart) #1

(a bit loud)

work-in-progress track. open to comments and inspiration on where to take this next


i love it!

(orrigans) #3

Man I really like your style! Unfortunately I don’t have any suggestions or inspiration to give you, haha, sounds good to me already.

(stoiximan) #4

People when posting songs please warn us for the loudness of your tracks it nearly blow my ears up.


I agree completely on this!

Somehow (learned by examples) when playing new music /unfamiliar song, i turn volume to 1% volume until i hear how it starts, just in case..
Too many times i’ve been fooled by people who make things loud just because they can!


Sounds like it needs more EQ’ing and more bass. Everything is a bit tinny, trebly and the instruments are not cleanly separated out into their own frequencies. Like maybe the cymbals are interfering with the chords a bit, the kicks could be stronger. Maybe could add a fat bassline and lead? Not trying to sound like a dick, just constructive criticism. Nice with the breaks.