Low Ringing Noise

Hi guys!

So after play around with Renoise demo for a while and finally decided to get a full license 2 days ago and so far it’s been fun!

One thing though, I noticed something weird happening to my song, even though I muted all the tracks, Renoise still generating some weird noise.

Yeah, I have no idea where those waveform in the middle of the graph come from, all tracks are muted (except mater track).

I haven’t really browse through the forum that much yet and I kinda blank of what keywords should I search for this kinda thing as I’m still fresh with the music making :slight_smile:

I can double click the stop button twice to make it stop but it’s kinda annoying to have that low ringing noise constantly whenever I solo my track :unsure:

Does any one know what happened here and how to clean up that noise thing from the song?

Do you have any Line-Input devices feeding live audio into your tracks?

Do you have any VST plugins in your song that may be generating some form of noise? Some “analogue” style synths/effects may add subtle background noise for some extra fuzzy gear-like character, for example.

Maybe even some sample-based instruments with DSP chains inside, or the DSP chain on one of your tracks, contains some devices that are constantly running?

What exactly is in your song? Maybe you can share a small example that demonstrates the problem, so we can test it?

It could be as simple as your laptop microphone picking up noise as default input source. Disable it. As as @dblue has already mentioned the other avenues for investigation.

Welcome to the Renoise users forum!

Thanks for the reply you guys!

Hmm I didn’t know that the vst can actually produce sound even after the track is muted.

Alright! I’ll try to toggle all the vst effect that I use to isolate the problem later tonight at home and report it back the result!

And thanks for the welcome!

Hmm I didn’t know that the vst can actually produce sound even after the track is muted.

There are 2 mute states:

“Off” which prevents any new notes from being triggered, and will send a note off event to any existing notes, allowing them to finish playing their release stage (if one exists).

“Mute” which immediately silences the output, but continues playing any notes (or effects) in the background, so that you can un-mute the track to immediately resume playback.

You can Ctrl + Click to set the alternate mute state, and choose which one you prefer as the default behaviour in Renoise’s Misc preferences.

So when using the “Off” state it’s possible that some old notes continue to play longer than expected if they have a really long release stage, or if the plugin itself simply never produces a truly silent output.

Hey guys so I tried to isolated the vst effects that I used and realized that actually it’s not from any of them but instead a vst instrument, the DRC by Imaginando.

It seems like the noise come from the delay effect. Will try to tweak the setting some more and if possible to clean up the noise!

you could also try using a gate effect to chop out the dirt while the instrument isn’t playing. in case the delay settings rely on the strong feedback that is causing the noise.