Lower / raise all track volumes simultaneously

I have a habit of pushing track volume to above 3db when mixing to get ratios right, so was wondering if there was a way of lowering the volume of all tracks to retain the ratio between tracks and avoid clipping when rendering.

At the moment, I’m going and manually lowering each track individually in the mixer by a set amount (i.e. if I want to subtract 2db, I take the value in the mixer and manually enter the result for each track). It’s a little time consuming and a little bit of guesswork in terms of how much to lower the volume. It’d be nice if we could say, hold shift and lower all tracks simultaneously.

Group all the tracks into one global track like I’ve done with ‘MELODIES’ and use it as a master volume by either adjusting the post-mixer volume or by applying a gainer to that track and using it as an automatable master volume

Ah, great idea! And by the looks of it you’re way better organised than me when it comes to samples haha. I’ll try it out. Thanks very much :slight_smile:

Why not just move the initial fader on the master track, instead of using a whole-song group? Isn’t that what, in fact, Master is? (Technically it might be a send track, but it behaves as a over-all group track.)

Or add a gainer to the master track if you need to automate whole-song volume.

What I’ve tended towards (after struggling to manage dozens of individual tracks) is group tracks by their role. Percussion, Bass, Leads, Vox, etc.

I look to get the right balance in each group, and then balance the group volumes for the song mix.

There’s still the issue of managing send tracks, but I’ve gotten better and managing those, so the number of places I would need t go to manage over-all song volume and mix are fairly small.

My Mix Balancer tool may be of use. You can use the All Faders [+] and [-] buttons (bottom left of GUI) to bring up and down all non-group faders at once:

The [-] button also changes colour from yellow to red as the loudest fader reaches it`s maximum in the mixer. The headroom readout also shows how the dB value of the loudest fader. Pressing the [G] (“go to”) button takes you to the track with the loudest fader aswell.