Lpb4 Bpm128 One Note Pattern To Lower Bpm?

hi. i have a 128 row pattern, at 128bpm, at LPB. this only contains two notes, each are on the first row.
no sync is used in the samples. they are played long, and through an effect chain to accomplish the sound i’m going for. so far, so good.

my question is this: how do i massively reduce the bpm and lpb of this tune? what could be the math that would enable me to go to lpb1 so that this 128 row pattern is resized accordingly?
as you can see, i’m not looking for a “uhh, if you go from lpb4 to lpb1 that’s divide your 128 by 4 and hope for the best” kinda thing. while sure, that might work, i’m looking for a way to always do that.

BPM is inversely proportional to LPB. To keep the pattern the same length in time you do the inverse function to each.

2BPM : 1/2 * LPB
LPB : 1/4 * BPM

Is that what you mean? Or resizing pattern to fit? Amount of lines will be proportional to BPM, so can be substituted in the same way.

i’m basically on a quest for what the lowest possible speeds and lpb1 would be able to accomplish with delay values. it’s often easy to get a nice pattern going with renoise, but then when you wish to delve deeper and further into inputting notes, you get to the point of having multiple patterns, or a really long pattern, which easily leads to repetition, if cloned/duplicated.
there’s already a way of writing lpb and bpm to the master track, and for them to be changed. i’m just looking for a surefire way of getting to lower, but still resolution-wise (if you were to use 8 or 12 note columns) would allow for catching, say, 144bm or 160bpm resolutionwise.