Lua Api: Fx Dsp, 'sync Delaytime' Param Always Returns -1

#1: For the DSP delay effect reading parameters 7 or 8 (Sync L DelayTime / Sync R DelayTime) always returns -1.

#2: Writing to these parameters updates the main delay time slider only when line sync (parameter 6) is disabled.

edit: updated bug report.

Those are special parameters, which are only used in the pattern editor to set the L/R delay times to the current “L/R sync Time” values. They basically do what hitting the “Set” button in the delay GUI does. So both is expected.

Ok, I understand, but what about this:

Emphasis added. I would have expected writing to these parameters to only change the delay time when line sync is enabled. I’m not in front of Renoise at the moment, but I think it is the other way around (only works when line sync is disabled).

I’ll check again later today.