Lua Books, Programming In Lua, Second Edition, Recommend?

Searching amazon and google this book is the most recommended for getting started with Lua Programming.

Would you say this is a good book for getting started with Lua?

Also, I just found the full 1st edition on google books.

and on the Lua site :P

Maybe there are more free online resources?

just perusing google books I see this also:

Lua 5.1 Reference Manual

This looks like something I should really study.

There is also:…torialDirectory

And check my sig for basic introductions aswell.

As for the book I bought it myself as I like to have a hard copy when studying, but there is a lot already on the web (as you have posted) so it`s up to you. The second edition being more up to date aswell:

I am still a programming novice however so the more material the better for me :)

Edit: adding the links in case I change my sig any time soon :)


Thanks Ledger, I’m kind of a paranoid, so I turned off almost everything in the forum.
Thanks for adding the links to the thread. :)

Turns out a few of my favorite games use Lua, and just read how it’s a widely used language in game scripting.
Very cool, some day I want to make games too.

Yes I`ve got the WoW addons book here aswell. Not so interested in the scripting for that myself but it has a couple of nice chapters on Lua itself. Managed to pick it up new off a U.S. seller on amazon for pretty cheap aswell…