Lua / C++ Integration - Howtos

Hi, we want to integrate LUA scripting into one of our C++ based product, just like Renoise did it in the last for-nerds-release.

Do you have some links to good tutorials with C++ and LUA?

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As Lua was build for C (and so also for C++) integration, there is a huge load of tutorials on the Internet.
First hit at google for me:

And don’t miss the extensive documentation available for Lua:

This is exactly my problem – there is too much info on the internet about Lua integration. A thing I need to know is, howto map C++ classes into Lua tables – there are several ways of doing this, and I want to do it like Renoise has implemented Lua to C++ class mappings.

Can recommend Luabind for C++, which we are using in Renoise.
It’s basically a Lua version of Boost Python. In case you a familiar with boost already.

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Thanks for the pointer! – will have a look into it.

Just created a small lua test app - here’s a short video…h?v=19OirI8yjLc

luabind is fun, thanks again for sharing.

Nice work. Looks like a fun way to rapidly test ideas. :)