Lua: Meta devices routing to current track return -1 as value

If you get this the minimum value for [Dest. Track / Effect / Parameter] for a meta device LFO/ Hydra etc.

it returns 0 as the minimum value

However if it is routed to the current track you get -1 as .value

I guess either the min is wrong or the returned value?

Dest. Track / Effect / Parameters are only automateable between 0 and 256: you can not assign the -1 “Current Track” value via graphical automation or pattern commands, so that’s where the min of 0 comes from.

I honestly can not remember why we’ve done that. Maybe it was just an oversight. Should definitely be possible to assign “Current Track” values via automation too.

Will try to fix that, but this will be quite an adventure cause all existing connected meta devices and automation must be rewritten/rescaled then too. So unfortunately can’t promise that I can do that for this release.

I see,

Will of course be a welcome new feature but it 's possible to work around for now catching the -1’s if you are aware of it,


wasn’t this related to the fact that the lfo cannot be retriggered used lua, but only set to a offset?