Lunar Cage

Lunar Cage

yeah wonderfull sound, very good composition
props, this could be in a good movie or a game.

are those samples, vsti’s, or must I imagine AngeloB playing the flutes himself with his friends in a flute_jamsession?

The flute seems real but could use a little fine-tune to the lower part of the frequency scale.

Yes the flute seams a little out of tune. Ruining something that would be a 10 out of 10.

Very good anyway.

Some of the short string hits have a bit to slow attack also.

Incredible. Ah and one more thing…

I love it! :wink: - Hoping to hear what you used to compose this.

Reminded me of another really cool renose song…

Cougar’s - 1752. Anyone else have this track saved?

Needs finetuning to make the instruments sound authentic but I would definately do that because the song is WOW!

edit: AngeloB, just wanted to send you an eMail but you didn’t leave an eMail address in your profile. Just in case you want to know what it’s about, send me an eMail: nt (at_sign)

Thank you for the positive and constructive feedback!

The flute is a multisampled instrument I’ve made. I’ve then spent a lot of time applying effects in the track, so that it would sound real and not fake (i.e. obviously played in a keyboard). I guess it could have been done better, but I’m still learning. ;)

trepain: you left me curious about that track. Any luck finding it?

Gilli: thanks for the compliment! Btw, my email is enabled in my profile now. :)

I threw it on my site -…%20-%201752.mp3

Also very cool with traditional sounding instruments. Nice mood.

:trepain: you left me curious about that track. Any luck finding it?

Beautiful mood, get somebody to play the flute and violin for you and it’s perfect. :) Needs some genuine autenticity!

trepain; yep, loved that 1752-piece!!

Wait a minute… AngeloB … Angelo Badalamenti!!!???

probably aint so but it would be cool… :P I’m a huge fan of your work Mr Badalamenti and I really loved this one too :)