Lungbutter - Dogs/Cats

New song im working on,any feedback is appreciated even if its a really shitty.cheers

I would describe it as a slightly filthy framework wrapped in a mesh that left me with a minty taste in my ear - but not in a bad way. It’s coming along quite nicely. It would be good if you could ramp up the whole feel of it so there’s more of a rampy theme. Also, it’s worth mentioning that listening to it was like putting on a dirty pair of musical pyjamas. This is not something you should change - by the end of the tune they seemed quite comfortable. I don’t really have a criticism. My only hope is that you notch it up a gear so that it’s maybe got more density without getting too confused. Notch it in the right direction and it would probably settle in all the right areas anyway. Don’t overdo it though cos a tune like this could easily end up sounding like an epileptic octopus banging his pots and pans and the world might not be ready for that yet.

thanks rickster appreciate the comment,im pretty sure i understand what u mean about ‘rampy’ but just to be 100% could you explain what u mean to me?Ye it is kinda sparse,ive tried to kinda keep it to 4 layers at a time because its so cut up and manic,thanks for the feedback though,im gonna go back and work on it bearing in mind what u said.

Yeah no problem. While it rolls along, it’s quite even throughout. Musically, for me, it lies somewhere in between urgent and being left raped in a ditch. It is slightly dark so that’s what it is.

By rampy I’m talking about something in between rampant and being violated by a sonic probe. It would be good if you could add more percussive violence without it getting too bent. That’s just the direction I’d like it to move in, there’s obviously no right or wrong. Not everybody wants their tune to move sideways so maybe the way to go with this one is diagonal. I was going to save that direction for myself (as it’s one of the most under-rated) but you can use it. Also, I take no responsibility for any hysteria it causes in people listening to your music as it might be too edgy for them.


i havent listened to the tune (can’t at work really) - but i read rickster’s comments, and it feels like i HAVE listened to the song.

rickster - write a book about music. do it now.

i would buy it just for your metaphors.

stop reading…start writing.


To me it sounds like an old fashioned drum’n’bass tune with a fresh industrial twist…
To shorten it in three words:I like it!

thanks a lot,thats exactly what i was goin for,nice one!

Some nice Chris Cunningham video flix around it and you have Rubber Johnny II.

Really really like this. Got an amazing mood here. Sounds like a track I was recently making but the file got corrupted during saving. I don’t know what else to say other then its really really good!


Do more like this please.

thanks a lot,im going to do more in this style and this song was just the first attempt so hopefully as i go on theyll be a bit more refined and precise,i need to practice my phraseing and really think a bit more about the beat in a compositional context rather than just make a beat and throw it in a sequence.

Really like this! compositionally maybe a little more strategic silence. Really like the low end great sounds/flow there. I’d like to hear a little more variation in the drum samples used adn maybe more movement in the way they’re processed. It doesn’t need to be any denser so try and stick to your 4 layers for time being.
You gig in Dublin?

not at the moment,maybe in the future,need to buy a set of decks and learn how to mix,thanks for the comment im glad you liked it,the track is rough as a badgers arse atm though,im making another track based on this one,gonna be a bit more refined and hopefully if i get it done il post it on the forums here.