Lungbutter - Intergallactic Nigromancer

Version 2 now upped,slightly more coherent but syill feels a bit sparse.Any comments or feedback is greatly appreciated even if there really shitty,let me know what you think

u got skillz son xD

i like when there’s a bit more going on in the harmonics department myself. you are probably not going for that so basically that’s a matter of taste only.

there’s very little “basic pulse” going on in the piece. even if something is mad fast i like when there’s (at least at times) a rather steady beat going so that the downbeat is pretty obvious. the beat one taps with the foot… there’s always one no matter what crazy bpm a piece is in. weird time sigs is totally lost on me if the “one” isn’t pretty heavily accented.

now, i’m not really into breakcore/dnb and such so… take that into account! (=

Ok cheers,yeah i gotcha with the accent thing,i think maybe im just used to hearing time sigs now so maybe i should tone it down a little in parts and make sure the accents are strongly noted having said that the point of this song was to progress the rythm over time so that eventually it ends up in a very complex state.Thanks for the feedback and il take your comments on board.It all helps me to shape my sound

Another darkbreack ;) I nice ambient.

BTW “Cailín bán beag” great dark ambient :)

final part of this track is great, listened it several times already. beginning feels somehow too chaotic or not enough chaotic for me :)

Oh my god

i must say that song is pretty sick! The beats are absolutely DEADLY!! Wow! You rarely even hear something like this in the songs from the professional producers. Great work Toybox! Can i ask which breaks you used there? They are all very high pitched and fast that i cant exactly hear what they are. I would really love to see how mess (in a good sense) like this is made in Renoise. Very very nice! Big up Toybox. :)

Now, but contra is: Except for beats there is not much going on. It’s actually a little monotonous. Only at the end there is a little highlight which is not enough in my opinion. Try working on this and you can sign your track for breakcore glitch compilations next to dev/null, Xanopticon and Mr Funk :)

Thanks very much for the kind words,appreciated.There homemade loops btw,i think theres a tramen in there somewhere too

Im really glad you enjoyed cailín bán beag,i didnt think anybody would like it!Thats why i havnt posted it here.The name means little white girl in irish and i made it the morning after having a disturbingly bizarre dream.It was refreshing to work with no beats or scales and just focus on imagery and ambience.It was done in one day and im kinda proud of it.I just didnt think it would be anyone elses cup of tea.

It’s good! Exactly for my taste (though I don’t get the title).

Its just called nigromancer now,a nigromancer is a person who practices black magic like voodoo etc.

You are going to be one of the next Aaron Funks. Keep doing this. Keep on making music. This is godly amazing. 10 times better then the song I just posted :rolleyes: Remindes me of earlier venetian snares.


This song deserves to be heard. This is the kind of track I dream of making. Super fast paced high bpm breaks all over the place. Could use some more background work though. Like more crazy stuff and sounds in the backround and maybe more distortion.

Thanks dude,yeah it really does need more layers and little shiny things added to it,you were asking me about glitchcore so il just show you this work in progress for the moment so you can kind of get a sense of what its like,but it is a work in progress and its as rough as a badgers arse,nevertheless