Lungbutter - Nembutal

New track,let me know what you think,comments always appreciated if you like it dont be scared to follow me on soundcloud,go raibh maith agat,

don’t think it really breakcore : where are the breaks and snares pattern ?

anyway as a speedcore track is pretty cool and extreme. it could be better with some atmo and perhaps a break in the middle to let the ears rest a little bit and bring back the heavyness after

Yeah its pure speedcore i guess,i realise its brutal all the way thru without a rest but thats completely intentional,as most my tracks have that change in dynamics and i think it adds kind of a conceptual aspect to it.Yeah it could use more atmosphere and little shiney things on top but im very lazy,one day i will polish it off!!!Thanks for comment appreciate it!

bamp :ph34r: