Lungbutter - The Surgeon

New jungle/breakcore track,just a half sample this time,let me know what you think,all comments greatly appreciated.Cheers

nice track, manic beats covered in snares breakcore sauce :) , ends kind of bland with a short fade-out, is this wip or are you done with it? Can easily add a few minutes and make it into a real track imo, good start though…

Its only half of the track

This is ace! I love it.

What the hell is lungbutter anyway? It sounds disgusting!
I like the track, though. :)

This is lungbutter

ah yes, I see, now post the complete track! :drummer:

Thanks for the comments jonas.Nah man i think from now on il only post half tracks on soundcloud because i get the feeling from emails i get that ppl just rip them from soundcloud and id love to release some stuff in the future.Do you think i shud put preview in brackets beside it r sumthing because i think ppl think its just a half arsed attempt at a full track?

i think soundcloud is down atm

Yes, seems to be down.

What you could do, is put up the tracks, but don’t enable them to be downloadable. That way they’ll stay somewhat exclusive, not many people recording to cassette anymore :wink: …also nothing wrong at posting short previews or teasers, I just didn’t read / misunderstood it in your first post!

We need a vomiting emoticon.

All my tracks have downloads disabled anyway,but what i found was people were using software to record the streaming audio,in one case it was even used in an exhibition and was only told after it had been played at it…which made me think again about posting full tracks.I think i will stick to teasers from now on…Thanks for the comments appreciate it


That would be deadly,id love that…y am i such a nerd…

It’s a piece of pie to take the 128kbs streaming version from Soundcloud using nothing but your browser!

Yes i know,i do it myself,just thought that it was uncommon for ppl to use those kinds of tools,aparently not though,it was naive of me to say the least…What u think of track btw?

Thought I’d commented but obviously I forgot. Like it, shame not to have the rest of the track and see how it progresses with the bass and other parts. Maybe slightly less coherent than a lot of stuff I play (Slightly more “splattercore” or whatever you want to term it" but not too much so to put me off personally. Would quite like to hear the full track.

And via taking the download stream you can only ever get the 128kbs mp3, which I hope people aren’t playing out! Maybe good enough for headphone or your car but you would hope to at least get a friendly message asking of possibility of 320kbs/flac if people want to actually play you stuff.

(snip) is commonly used when it’s not full track, or (previews) as you mentioned. ;)

Thanks for that,ye i use the term scatty to describe this style of track,bear in mind this is only one style of track out of many that i produce,it belongs in the same category as nigro,both are very similar in style,i also make noise,gabber,speedcore,idm,glitch,plunderphonics,ambient,dub,experimental,acid and a bunch of other crap,so hopefully with such a wide range of styles ppl will find something they might be into.Thanks for the advice btw,im gonna change it to snippet. :rolleyes: