M-Audio 192|4 Air - failed to initialize


I’m new here and I could not find anything about external soundcard problems. When I start renoise i get the error:
Failed to initialize audio buffers for device ‘primary sound device’. When I try to change it to M-Audio in the preferences I get another error: Failed to initialize audio buffers for device M-Audio… Audio is disabled. I run win10.


Edit: No problems with other software, only renoise.

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I think something is blocking your audio device. Something that attempt to use the device exclusively.Have a look into the task manager, what else is running except Renoise.

If the problem will persist, try an alternate ASIO driver, like the ASIO4all or the FL ASIO driver.

Make sure, you have downloaded and installed the hottest M-Audio driver before.

The drivers were up to date but I remove them and installed them again…it worked for some reason… Thanks :slight_smile:

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