M-audio And Renoise 1.8 Recording

I have an external m-audio audiophile firewire running into my toshiba laptop (p4, 1.5gb ram, XP) that seems to have nothing but problems with recording no matter what I do (latency, buffer size… etc etc etc). Intermittent glitches, clicks and pops. The problem is not limited to Renoise 1.8 (actually of all the recording software I’ve tried, renoise 1.8 seems to record the least glitchy, go figure). Just wondering if there are any other renoise users out there pulling their hair out over the audiophile firewire as google is not so much my friend in this issue. :blink:

i believe Bantai had, or still has one of those.

you could search through his posts on the subject, but the last thing i read of him speaking of it, wasnt so good.

might be a good idea to get rid of it ASAP!

if you are looking for something else & if you have a pcmcia cardbus II, you should look into the echo indigo io.
when i bought mine it was in the ballpark of 200usd. tho, i havent seen an updated driver in a long time, it does work very well.

Echo Indigo IO is good, I had mine for a good few years…

There are a few cons though…

The plastic outer shell is not very goot quality. This usually dont matter on a pcmcia card, but the indigo has a volume control built in which means you are constantly putting stress on the bastard. My casing split around the seam.

Also to do with build… The volume wheel makes a crackling noise very soon after purchase. Its like the contact strip inside corrodes very easily.

Sometimes the driver mean windows failed to boot. Also, hot removing it sometimes blue screened windows.

And the input are flimsey minijack.

Other than that it is great, and for the money it is really great.

That sounds shite mate.

get it on ebay.

Thanks for the replies all. In my case its just when recording I have a problem, other than that no problems. Well I have a few new possible solutions to try now. :blink:

Just got around to reading this but thanks for the warning. I’ve been looking into firewire notebook pcmcia cards not only because my audiophile is pissing me off but also because 4-pin firewire is an absolutely horrid invention. One small tap on the cable and you lose your connection and have to restart the device, and then renoise. Played a live show recently where I was paranoid as bandmates bounced by around the firewire cable… gawd.


You split your terms here mate.

Firewire is not PCMCIA.

I am assuming you made a typing error ;)

I’ll get my coat…



It’s a PCMCIA card that adds Firewire functionality to a laptop. The 4-pin plugs are evil and I broke my 4-pin port.

Scared to ask but did you ever have success with your firewire card/audiophile combination? Or still the clicks and pops? :angry: