M-Audio Asio "Failed to initialize"

Trying to use the M-Audio included ASIO driver and it gives me this error. (M-Audio M-Track Duo Interface)

ASIO: Initializing
ASIO: Trying to open ‘M-Audio M-Track Solo and Duo ASIO’
ASIO: LoadAsioDriver … FAILED
Error Message: Failed to initialize the ASIO driver. Please make sure that the device is properly connected and that the driver is not used by another application.
ASIO: Init FAILED! DriverError :
Error Message: ASIO failed to open. Trying to open DirectSound instead…

Things i tried so far:

  • Installed newest version drivers from M-Audio
  • Check that msconfig → startup → All else stopped from starting but firewall
  • M-Audio Asio driver works in Sound Forge but closing it and trying Renoise fails.
  • Asio4All works (But cannot use this to watch video at same time i’m composing to).
  • FlexAsio (Pretty much the same)
  • Disabled allow application to take exclusive control of this device
  • Closing most stuff from task manager by hand

Version : Renoise V3.3.1 (Jan 11 2021)
Date : 2021-03-23
Time : 23:23:12
OS : Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (x86_64)

Any tips or things to try how to get M-Audio included Asio driver to work would be appreciated.

Asus DX Asio drivers are bad also in Renoise.
ASIO4ALL work well

My Motherboard soundcard is linked to an UE Boom (for video)
For sound design,I use a usb DAC + Headphone

All can work together

For flexible routing,I use 2 excellent freeware:

*Audio switcher

*ear trumpet (windows store)

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WIndows 7 can’t use ear trumpet😤

Seriously,Go to windows 10

It has a flexible audio engine

Far better

You can get license for around 10 dollars