M-audio Delta 1010 Latency Issue

I’ve made the switch up to the Delta 1010 and the sound quality has been the big reward.

However, I cannot get the ASIO or even DirectX performing better than my old onboard card. Why would this be so? I have some big involved songs that I really need to mix, without the whole thing stuttering or crashing. I get crashes when the ASIO buffer overloads.

Unfortunately I’m only running a 850mHz with 128ram and 98se. Yes, yes I know I need new gear, but I can’t afford that for at least a few months, which is too far off to wait when I’m in the flow of writing songs.

Any help appreciated :)

I wonder why you didn’t consider buying a pc configuration with a default setup, but without harddrive etc.
And these configurations are not that expensive.

In any other case, i could only suggest to wait these few months.
That, or just use plain sample instruments only (rni).
If you still have the same problems using rni libraries, then i would suggest you to mangle with the ASIO buffer memory to find the best balance between the buffer and audio-frequency.

Higher sample frequency (e.g. 96khz) can offer lower latencies, but require lots of bufferspace but also more bus-speed (your cpu is 850Mhz, but what is your memory busspeed?) whereas lower sample frequencies can deal better with the lower system specs, but this raises the latency.

Hey thanks vvoois,

Not sure what you mean by this?

Not sure of my bus speed. I have no probs with rni’s nor most vsti’s - just when you get many channels going at once, say with 3-4 vst plugs on each. This is to be expected, given my slow system. But I would have thought it would be better with the Delta rather than my old card. I guess not?

I’ll just keep tweaking the buffer settings… just means that writing tracks, or in my case FINISHING tracks, is going to be a little bit of a pain until I get a new system.

Is there any 98se things I can do? I think I’ve got it running a lean as possible…