M-audio Firewire 410


As an old tracker I kind of fell in love at first sight with Renoise. It has everything i need. Some commands seem to be slightly off what FT2 sounded like, but I could defenately take that for a product that seems as good as this.

However, before i register and cash up the dough i’d like to hear your inputs on how the ASIO support works (i mean is it any good)?
Currently I have the M-Audio Firewire 410 soundcard, and I love the way it sounds and of course I’d like to use it with Renoises ASIO. As the Demo version of Renoise does not allow me to test ASIO, I ask you- the registered users of Renoise:
Is Renoise all O.K. with the Firewire 410 (for those of you that has this product) ASIO?

I couldn’t wait some day before I got myself the action, so I bought it online and hoped for the best.
Registration was easy, the registered software was availiable just some seconds after the transaction was done and all was bliss.

Now I’m getting crispy ASIO action at 4 ms with my Firewire 410 and I am as happy as a kid in a candy store!

Big ups to the Renoise team!!!