M-audio Keystation 49e Midi Keyboard, Pc Hangs When I Use It...

So, when i connect this simple midi keyboard and use it for 5 or so minutes, my PC just hangs and i have my unsaved work gone + restarting the PC :(

The power to the keyboard is through USB or through power adaptor, i tried using both and both ways hang the PC.

The midi signals can be transferred through midi cable (which I always use) or through USB (never used).

Host application i use the MIDI keyboard and VSTI’s on - Renoise. I used my old Yamaha PSR 310 keyboard with midi interface and Reason some time before, it never was a problem like that :(

Any ideas why this happening to me?

I am using the same keyboard for years now and I never had a problem with it … Although I am using it through the USB connection (I don’t have a MIDI-Port on my PC). I would suggest using it on USB, straight into your PC (don’t use a hub) and get the latest drivers from the m-audio page (altough they are very old now).

I have the same one too and use it with USB connected to a HUB without problems.

Dunno about using USB as midi, as i’m using Creamware Pulsar II audio card with it’s own interface and DSP processorsand i’m using midi through the card, not sure if USB would work in my case

this won’t help you much, but on a funny sidenote : I finally got my new mainboard yesterday, assembled my PC and reconnected all the cables. All of a sudden my midi-keyboard started working after a few minutes, every time in every host. The crazy solution for that was to connect the keyboard not directly to the PC but to an USB-Hub instead. Really strange.

The reason might be, that it didn’t get enough power to work reliable. I’ve experienced this with my 2,5" external HDD too, which worked fine on my active HUB (one with a power supply) but only sporadic on my mainboard connectors. Noticed also, that it can be dependent on the number of USB devices plugged into the mainboard at the same time.

well, it’s a passive hub and the keyboard is the only thing on that hub at the moment. but, I don’t care. Just another of those crazy, unexplainable things that pop up so very often with computers.

Besides to weak usbpower, a long cheap cable can screw the datatransfer also, and create various side effects.