M-audio O2

i recently downloaded the trail version of Renoise and wanted to test it out before I bought it. I’ve done the tutorials already but I can’t seem to get my O2 to work the midi option in the preferences always says “none.” Are the M-adio keyboards recognized by Renoise? If they are how do I get renoise to recognize it?

Hi, currently i am reinstalling windows xp in my pc so i´ll tell you how the process is done (at last for an Oxygen-49)

Close all programs that you are not using and go:

  • First I plug the usb cable to the keyboard. Does not happen anything because is off.
  • Second, turn it on. New hardware is found! installing audio device usb… your hardware is installed and ready.
  • If you want to check it, go to control panel - system - hardware - device administrator, look for “audio device USB”
  • Then launch renoise normally
  • In the renoise menu go to EDIT - PREFERENCES and click “MIDI”
  • There I select “In device A”: Audio device USB. In the rest i put “none”
  • Now i launched MrRay vsti and i am having fun playing a Rhodes.

I did all of it while writting this message, so i´m sure it will work.

Hope it helps :)

  • Klez