M-audio Oxygen And Axiom

Hello. I purchased Renoise about a month ago and I’ve decided to buy a midi controller to use with it. I’ve been looking at the M-Audio Oxygen 49 and the M-Audio Axiom 49 since they are both decently priced and have about all I need. I would basically like to know what would and would not work with Renoise on each controller.

I’m questioning the compatibility of the buttons underneath the faders on both, the transport buttons on both, the drum pads on the Axiom, and the aftertouch on the Axiom keyboard. If there is anything else that might not work, please tell me.

Here are some links for the controllers:

Oxygen 49:

Axiom 49:

Thank you.

As far as I know, the transport buttons won’t work as Renoise doesn’t understand MMC commands.

I’m also not sure about the endless encoders on the Axiom. They will most definitely work as normal knobs, but the endless behavior… I’m not sure about that. Someone else might shed some more light on this.

Other than that - everything else sends out normal MIDI messages, so it will work.

Thank you, that helps a lot.

I have one more question. How would I assign a drum pad or button to an instrument in Renoise? I can’t seem to figure it out, even after reading the midi tutorials.

go to preferences, midi tab, select the drum pad as midi input. from there on it’s how you configure the drum pad itself.

edit: forgot to mention you must have the instrument selected.

Ive got the axiom 25, the knobs just work as normal knobs and the pads are just like keys.
Their assigned to the white keys from c-4 up.

The endless knobs has one advantage… With normal knobs as those on oxygen 49, jumps in the values will occur if they are not set to the correct position when the effect is loaded.

Example: I have assigned a filter cutoff to a knob on my oxygen 49. Later I load up another song which has the same knob assigned to a different effect or whatever and I mess around with that for a while. When I go back to the first song the position of the knob maybe set to a whole other value than it was when I left the song and then I have to remember to reposition it to avoid jumps. Not very serious if I am at home but in a live situation this is not so great. Many hardware synthesizers has the same problem when changing patches.

With endless knobs the value will always add or subtract corect from what it was last set to. Thats the difference.