M-Audio ozone

I was thinking about getting me one of these beauties http://www.midiman.net/products/midiman/ozone.php to hook up to my laptop. Anbody seen 'em out in the wild already or is this still a to be released thingie ? Would be nice in combination with renoise no ?

I dunno of this one , but I know that USB audio and midi is still problematic running windows .

those work extremly nice. i have the oxygen 8 though by the same company. basically the same board, cept only 8 knobs. actually that one comes with 8 knobs as well. i dunno why the pic shows 16. anyways the setup was extremly easy to do, just pluged it in, click, click, click xp did everything. i have yet to have a problem. the unit is sturdy to. i’ve droped it a dozen times or so and no problems.

399$ is a very high price according to me:
at least, I can’t figure out what’s the aim of that “Built-in 2 x 2 24-bit/96kHz audio interface”.

I would prefer paying it half than this without the audio interface.

yea. then your best bet is to go with the oxygen 8. i got mine for 240$can (156$us). it’s the same thing except without all the extra stuff on the back.


well, the Oxigen8 is a very good thingie indeed, but buying and shipping it to Italy costs about an half of the price I’ve payed my 88 weigthed keys MIDI controller :rolleyes:

undoubtably my keyboard is not portable: before buying it, I thought that “weigthed keys” meant that they give you the real feel and velocity sensitivity, but then I realized that each key is heavier than a normal one :D :P