M-audio Radium49

I’m considering buying a second hand Radium49 MIDI keyboard. The seller says it’s in mint condition and the price is 125e. Sound like a good deal to you? Has anyone had any problems with this kb and Renoise?

the R49 is a great thing, boosted my creativity alot, the keys are nice (but i have not really an idea about those things, really), and the knobs and faders are great to work with. 125€ is good for a secondhand one if its really mint … a new one costs around 180 € …

Have it myself, and agree with all Looza say about the keys+knobs/faders. Never had any problems with it, easy to install and works like a charm.

Go for it, man! I paid 220€ when I bought it and never regretted it. :)

i own them, now im selling them, btw : )

not because they’re bad but because i am, i couldn’t learn to play them at all, i’m addicted to tracking, keyboard is enough for me : ) anyway, playing out with knobs was fun… ; )

I have an m-audio keystation 61s and im quite satisfied… Havent used radium though

Thanks for the comments. You helped me make the decision. I have the Radium sitting on my desk now. :yeah: The keys feel a bit cheap but they’re ok. After all the thing WAS cheap. Right now I’m figuring out how to use the thing. I don’t know how to change the MIDI channel yet. Oh, and another thing I’m doing right now: scrubbing out some sticker glue from the white keys. Why do people do that, mark the keys with stickers with notes in them? :P Apart from that the kb truly is in wonderful condition and there’s still 3 months left in its 1 year warranty.

Congrats, have fun with it. :)